Why Purchase CalMark Covers?

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Why Purchase CalMark Covers?

Each CalMark cover is a finely crafted custom piece. Each cover is handmade to order at our shop in Southern California. We take our craft very seriously, and we focus on carefully following the measurements of your vehicle, and accounting for all of its unique features like mirrors, tanks, skylights, and each surface, in order to produce a cover that fits snugly, allows for breathing room, and is easy to cover and remove. The result is cover that is resistant to the elements and will protect your vehicle for years. If you insist on the best protection that a cover can provide for your vehicle, please Request A Quote for a custom cover.

6-year warranty

We know you’ve invested in your vehicle. A custom CalMark cover is a tool to help protect your investment. By using the best quality fabric, and skillfully creating a cover with fine construction techniques and special attention to your measurements, we know your cover will last for years, and we stand by our work with a 6-year warranty, the longest of any cover currently produced.

Preserve Your Investment

A high quality cover is one of the best investments you can make in your RV. The average RV is used 19 days per year, and is stored outside for 346 days per year. RVs stored with a cover recieved 18 times less exposure to natural elements which deteriorate the condition of the vehicle. A CalMark Cover protects your vehicle from weather and preserves its appearance for years.

The finest textiles

We can use any textile, and we’ve carefully chosen Sunbrella fabric for its unique properties. We want you to love your cover, and you can Request A Fabric Sample prior to purchase, so you can touch and see the quality of our fabrics.

Request price quote for a custom cover

Please see our Quote Request area for pricing info, and see the level of quality and personalization that is possible. We’re excited to build a beautiful cover.

Our covers at a glance:

  • Made to order, one at a time, at our shop in Southern California
  • We use premium fabrics
  • We build to your exact vehicle’s specs *not manufacturer specs* to ensure the best fit
  • Our 6-year warranty is the most comprehensive of any RV, trailer, or camper cover on the market
  • Committed to building the best available cover since 1982

Key features:

  • Premium Sunbrella fabric is one of the best quality textiles produced
  • Reinforced fabric distributes pressure and increases the life of the cover
  • Fabric is water, mold, and mildew resistant
  • Fabric is designed to withstand continuous UV exposure
  • Non-abrasive fabric is gentle on your vehicle’s surfaces
  • Non-scratch zipper door entry provides access to vehicle interior while covered
  • Double stitched seams increase strength and help prevent tears
  • Tie down straps and quick/easy release buckles for ease of use
  • Fabric patch and glue repair kit included with cover

Our covers compared to imported and universal fit covers

There are many covers available for your RV, trailer, or camper. Most are imported, and are made using budget fabrics that break down quickly and can not be relied on to protect your valuable vehicle. Imported covers are also made to manufacturer specs, or even universal specs. After over 35 years of creating covers, we know that manufacturer specs can vary slightly or greatly from model to model. Users of budget and imported covers find these covers can fit awkwardly, can leave serious gaps in coverage, and can fail even in normal weather conditions such as light rain or wind. A CalMark cover eliminates these issues by ensuring an custom made, optimal fit that maximizes protection.

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