Installation and Cover Care

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Installation and Cover Care

Congratulations on your new CalMark cover. Our covers are made with premium materials and are carefully constructed to provide years of vehicle protection. Please review the following installation and care guidelines to ensure the best experience with your cover.

Inspect the cover upon receipt

Please inspect your cover immediately and notify us of any component defects, fitting issues or manufacturing defects. In the event you do experience a tear in the future, it is advised that it be repaired immediately to eliminate further damage. Your cover includes one repair patch kit. Additional repair kits can be obtained by contacting us.

Please note

Covers are not made to fit like a glove. All covers have wiggle room / allowances for easy installation and removal. All covers are made with extra fabric below the bottom edge of your RV, for the purpose of securing your cover UNDER your RV. This is two fold… one, the grommets are not touching your paint and it prevents the wind from blowing up the cover like a balloon.

Prior to cover installation

It is very important to make sure all sharp items on your RV are padded. Examples: ends of awnings (if sharp) tops of older AC units, corners of solar panels, windshield wipers, rain spouts / window rain gutters (on some retro models), ends of exhaust pipes, sides and top of ladder, edge of door step, etc, etc… every model has different needs.

Suggested padding materials

Zip ties are helpful in securing many of these padding items in place. Many will hold their location with the weight of the cover against them. For more detailed installation tips & padding – AND customer suggested methods of putting on your new CalMark Cover, please Contact Us.


Use Caution when climbing up your ladder to install your cover and when walking on the roof (if you have an RV roof that can be walked on.) Check with your manufacturer as many RV / Trailers roof tops should not be walked on.

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RV cover care and cleaning

All fabrics exposed to outdoor use should be cleaned periodically before substances such as dirt, roof particles, tree sap etc., are allowed to accumulate on the cover and become embedded in the fabric. The fabric can be cleaned without being removed from the RV. Simply hose down and clean with a mild natural soap, (if needed), in lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly to remove soap and let air dry. Wash your cover in the late afternoon to avoid intense baking from the sun. DO NOT USE DETERGENT.

To clean stains or heavy soiled areas

Wet the soiled fabric area with water using a small amount of mild non-detergent soap. Using a soft sponge/soft brush to work the soap into lather on the soiled or stained area. Rinse thoroughly with large amounts of water and allow it to air dry. It is important that all soap residues are removed.

Storing your cover

It is extremely important that when you store your RV cover, make sure it is completely dry. If wet, allow to air dry and store in a dry, well-ventilated area. Storing when wet (not normal use) will cause mildew/rot and is not covered under your warranty.