Custom trailer cover for vintage 1960 Airstream trailer

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Custom Trailer Cover For Vintage 1960 Airstream Trailer

We recently completed a custom trailer cover for a new client located in Southern California. This client actually lives within driving distance of our headquarters in Oxnard, so they were able to pick up the cover in person, which gave our team a chance to run through a fitting session on the trailer.

Protecting a vintage 1960 Airstream Land Yacht

The trailer is a vintage 1960 Airstream Land Yacht. The Land Yacht really is the classic airstream trailer, and recognizing this, Airstream released a limited edition Land Yacht in 2014. All Land Yacht models retain the distinctive look, which is inspired by classic Italian yachts, and Italian yacht designers have collaborated with the Airstream team to imbue the Land Yacht with the sophisticated design language of Italian yacht culture.

Seeking a truly custom cover to protect a vintage treasure

This client’s trailer has the very distinctive, rounded, aluminum and hardwood design that is really synonymous with early ‘60s American outdoor culture. While the trailer has obviously changed ownership a few times over the years, it has been very well taken care of and preserved. The client was seeking a truly custom cover. This Airstream has many features that need to be accounted for, including external tanks, sharp accent pieces, and contoured windows. The client also needed something of exceptional quality - which led them to CalMark. The client is actually the owner of a company specializing in textile distribution, and has specialized knowledge of fabrics and textiles. Naturally, this individual understands what kind of fabric and construction would provide an exceptional cover for their vintage Airstream.

Extreme customization and attention to detail

The client expressed to us during the fitting that they were attracted to our company because of the inherent quality of our fabric, and our ability to custom tailor the cover to fit the trailer and all of its unique features. Upon seeing the cover fitted to the trailer, the client was impressed with the quality and beauty of the fabric. Our team explained that accounting for all of the unique features and vintage specifications of the trailer was one of the more challenging projects they had experienced recently.

Using the trailer as a stage prop at the 2018 Coachella Music Festival

The trailer really is a special example of a vintage Airstream Land Yacht. Recently, the client towed the trailer to the 2018 Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. Part of the charm of the Coachella festival is its outdoor, rustic, hip theme. The client’s vintage Airstream is a perfect match with the vibe of the festival, and it caught the eye and interest of many attendees. This trailer is really that well preserved - it’s a piece of eye candy. The look of the trailer has so much vibe and charm that it caught the eye of Australian singer Sia - and she asked our client if she could use the Airstream as a stage prop - which he allowed!

Keeping the Land Yacht in museum condition for years to come

All things considered, this is a special vintage trailer that has been well preserved for nearly 60 years. Having recently acquired the trailer, the client wanted to commission a custom cover of exceptional quality that would ensure the trailer remains in its near museum quality condition for many more years. The fact that the client trusted CalMark to build this cover for their vintage treasure, and that the client is also a textile and fabric expert, is such a genuine endorsement of CalMark’s level of quality and skill that we wanted to share the experience.

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