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Custom Teardrop Trailer Covers

We can make a custom cover for your teardrop trailer. Teardrop trailers are special challenge to cover due to their asymmetrical body shape, combination of rounded surfaces, different approaches to hitching, tire sizes, and great variation in overall size. Why buy a CalMark cover? By custom tailoring every cover to your personal teardrop trailer, closely following your measurements and its unique dimensions, shapes, and special features, we’re able to create an optimized fit that is snug yet breathable, allowing for some ventilation of the cover in order to prevent molding and mildew growth, all while helping to guard against UV, moisture, dust, birds, insects, tree leaves and sap, bee pollen, and other natural elements which can tarnish and deteriorate your trailer when not in use.

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Custom teardrop trailer covers for the following brands

  • Taxa
  • Northwood

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Water resistant RV covers custom made using Sunbrella fabrics.

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