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Custom Roadtrek RV Covers

We build serious cover solutions for Roadtrek recreational vehicles. Roadtrek is a recognized builder in the RV scene for their ability to port the amenities, comfort, and sheer style of a high end suite or social club, into a Class B RV form factor. Roadtrek have carved out a unique style and approach in the RV world - a feat that is difficult to accomplish in the crowded RV space - by focusing their line on Class B RVs with curved lines and unique shapes, and building a huge amount of luxury features and interior living room into an unusually shaped vehicle. We understand the unique appeal of a Roadtrek vehicle, and the offering of some shorter models has allowed some owners to use models like the Roadtrek Zion as around-town and commuter vehicles. We also understand that a Roadtrek RV is a significant investment, and if you’re storing the RV near your home for any period of time and it is exposed, then the condition of its exterior can decline as a result of exposure to UV, rain, insects, birds, coarse dust, and a variety of other natural elements. Why buy a CalMark cover? It is made to fit your Roadtrek’s precise dimensions. We build each cover one at a time, carefully ensuring a natural fit with your exact vehicle. The build quality of the cover, combined with the high integrity of the fabric creates an extremely rugged protective barrier that keeps elements off your vehicle, but is non-abrasive and gentle on the paint, finish, and metalwork of your vehicle.

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Custom covers for the following Roadtrek Class B RV models

  • Zion
  • Simplicity
  • Adventurous
  • E-Trek
  • SS Agile
  • 210 Popular
  • 190 Popular

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