A high-quality  Travel Trailer Cover  can save you thousands of dollars in damage, and is vital, even if your Travel Trailer stays in a garage.

There are 2 main reasons to invest in a Travel Trailer Cover:
1. A Travel Trailer Cover is used to keep the bugs, spiders and other pest out.

2. UV degradation is the number one cause of loss of value. It destroys everything in its path, and we aren’t just talking about a faded paint job. The paint protects the metal and plastic underneath, so if the paint is compromised, the underlying surfaces most likely are, too. Fiberglass also oxidizes, due to UV exposure, as does rubber (making it look chalky and old).

A  Travel Trailer Cover is generally made  from polypropylene or polyester. Varying methods of tripling-of-the-layers are used over the roof, for extra protection. The fabrics are treated with water or UV repellant. They are also able to breathe, so that moisture can evaporate and doesn’t get caught under the cover, where it can trap mildew.

A custom Travel Trailer Cover has a tighter fit, and feature vents to prevent billowing. The cover is usually secured in place beneath the travel trailer, with some covers having  zips to allow access to the door. The better the quality, the lighter the cover will be, making it easier to handle. Custom covers are more expensive, but they provide better protection than universal fit covers.

You need to consider certain elements before purchasing a Travel Trailer Cover

Look at covers for your type of travel trailer. The cover for a rv is very different from that of a travel trailer. Thats why CalMark Covers make all covers custom to your specific Travel Trailer.

The correct size of cover will fit snugly over your travel trailer. Measure your travel trailer first, then go  contact CalMark Covers  for a FREE Fast Quote. A larger cover than the size of your travel trailer will be loose.

The material you pick for your cover should be the best. Thats why CalMark Covers uses  Sunbrella Fabrics. Sunbrella is a leader in performance fabrics for a custom Travel Trailer Cover.