About CalMark

Nearly 30 years ago, Arthur Miller founded Calmark Cover Company, a family owned and operated business, with one simple goal: to provide his customers with the best quality custom cover for their Recreational Vehicles, Campers, Trailers and anything else he was asked to create a cover for.

An avid RV’er himself, Art knew first hand the complaints of not only his own experience with sub-standard quality RV covers, but the frustration of his fellow RV’ers as well. Despite already offering the best quality product, Art didn’t stop there. He found ways to improve his products to not just meet the Calmark Warranty (an industry best 6 years!) – but to EXCEED it. FSR (Fabric Stress Reinforcement) was just one of the many ways Calmark was successful in accomplishing this.

Aside from offering a quality product, Calmark takes even greater pride in offering a 100% USA made product. Calmark Covers offers only Sunbrella® fabrics and hand makes each cover in their California factory. 100% USA labor, 100% USA Fabrics, and 100% GUARANTEED!

Fast Forward to 2011, Arts daughter Natalie has taken the helm at Calmark Cover Company with the same ethos: offer the best product without compromise and continue to strive to make each cover better. “Our products will also be the best we can make them, and always made with 100% USA products and labor. As we continue to do business, we will do it the same way we always have for 30 years” says Natalie.

If you have ANY questions about your RV cover or RV cover needs, give Calmark a call anytime – all Calmark employees have years of experience and can answer all your questions.